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All the practice questions you’re finding online don't match what you're getting asked in the room. There's nowhere online with interview prep material all in one place.

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It’s not your fault.

Java Interviews aren’t designed to ask questions about day-to-day programming. Instead they ask esoteric questions about Big O and algorithms.

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Java Interview Bootcamp is the only book with an in-depth Java review and realistic interview questions along with soft skills preparation to leave you feeling confident in the interview.

The book is information dense but easy to read. You can finish your first read through in under a weekend and be ready for your interview next week.

Imagine what it would be like to walk into your interview without that overwhelming nervous feeling in your stomach, and instead walk out feeling you’ve enjoyed the interview?

For 10 years Sam Atkinson has been interviewing Java programmers of all levels in different organisations such as banks and charities. Over 1000 people have now benefitted from reading Java Interview Bootcamp as part of their interview preparation.

Java Interview Bootcamp will:

”Hi Sam,

I just wanted to thank you for writing the book and sharing your experience with Java interviews. It was helpful in guiding me to concentrate on the important topics and the key knowledge from each, allowing me to drill down into each topic and not lose focus on the way.

I am usually quite nervous at interviews, but the tips you mention in the book helped calm my nerves. I just want to applaud you in writing this book for fellow programmers!”

Anthony Carr, Happy Reader.

Here’s what you get:

And as a bonus, if you sign up now I’ll send you a practice interview and solution sheet, a full PDF script of an example interview along with all the answers to help you prepare.

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